India Dormida IPA – Cervecería Central (Panama)

India Dormida (The Sleeping Indian Girl) is an IPA craft beer named after a group of mountains located in Anton Valley, Panama, which is a perfect place for nature lovers and those looking to enjoy an easy adventure. Great hike with great views, many beautiful butterflies, birds and an excellent panorama of the valley at the top of the mountain. It takes around 3 hours hike and 800 masl.

Tasting Notes

  • Brewed by Cervecería Central – (Panama City, Panama)
  • Style: IPA
  • ABV: 6% IBU: 55
  • Taste: orange peel, citrus and medium bitter.
  • Nose: aroma of tropical fruit, some floral notes.
  • Crystal clear, golden amber with a nice white head.
  • Untappd

Curious Fact

The group of mountains gets their name from story of Flor del Aire (Flower of the Air) who was the daughter of Urraca, the most successful Chief and leader of one of the Guaymi (Ngäbe) tribes, of the sun-kissed mountains surrounding the crater. While the tribes were fighting against the Conquistadores. It was her misfortune to fall in love with one of the Spanish soldiers.

Yavari, one of the strongest fighters of her tribe, vied for her affection. When she did not return his love, in despair, he jumped to his death from a mountain top before the Princess’ eyes. In sorrow, Princess Flor del Aire left her home and never saw the Spaniard again. She crossed mountains and valleys bitterly weeping over her fate. Above the beaches of the Caribbean, she fell dead looking back at the beloved mountains where she had been born. The mountains were so touched by this sad love story they decided to form the shape of the Princess

Based on Presbitero José Noto, Historia de El Valle de Anton (History od the Anton Valley)




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