Pot Still

The simplest standard distillation equipment is commonly known as a pot still, consisting of a single heated chamber and a vessel. Pot stills operate on a batch distillation. Traditionally constructed from copper, pot stills are made in a range of shapes and sizes depending on the quantity and style of spirit desired. Nowadays by law, cognac, Irish and Scotch malt whiskies, and single pot still whiskey must be distilled using a pot still. (more…)


Men behind the brands (Bacardi)

Bacardi (Men behind the brands)

Bacardi is a famous rum founded in 1862 in Cuba by Don Facundo Bacardi. The company have been managed by seven generations. Bacardi employs 6,000 people and sells 20 million cases of rum every year. Bacardi rum has won more than 550 awards for quality and product profile, making it the world’s most awarded rum. (more…)