FINALLY!. Finally, we decided to create this blog. This was a recurring idea for a long time and perhaps we waited too much to start it. However, as the saying goes: It is never too late.

Why this name?. It was quite interesting to decide the name of our blog and actually it is a great way to start a new project. Name it!. Knowing that we felt like a blog related to good drinking, cocktails, mixology, enthusiasts, and so on, we wanted a representative name, so that ALCHEMIXING was taken. This one is the result of the combination of Alchemy and Mixing.

Alchemy, the medieval forerunner of chemistry, based on the supposed transformation of matter and Mixing, to combine or put together to form one substance or mass. Also this word contains letters from Mixology, which is a term used to describe the art of mixing cocktail drink recipes or the study of preparing mixed drinks.

 At alchemixingblog.wordpress.com we hope to provide you with guidelines, tips and our personal experiences on all things related to making you a good connoisseur. We are ordinary people, doing ordinary things in a truly extraordinary world and we are delighted to give you some advice and suggestions to make your life more interesting.

 Hope you enjoy!!!