Men behind the brands (Jameson)

Jameson (Men behind the brands)

Jameson is a blended Irish whiskey which is produced by the John Jameson and Son Irish Whiskey company. It takes its name from John Jameson, who was the owner of the Bow Street Distillery near Smithfield in Dublin, which had originally been built by his wife’s cousins the Steins in 1780.



Men behind the brands (Grand Old Parr)

Grand Old Parr (Men behind the brands)

Grand Old Parr is a blended Scotch whiskey which was introduced in 1909 by Greenlees Brothers of London. It takes its name from the reputed oldest man in Britain, Old Tom Parr. The name emphasised the maturity of the product. Old Parr or Thomas Parr apparently was born in 1483 and died 14 November 1635, was an Englishman who was said to have lived for 150 years. A portrait of Parr hangs at Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery, with an inscription which reads “Thomas Parr died at the age of 152 years 9 months”. (more…)