What Is Wort?

Wort is the malty liquid that contains the fermentable sugars that are produced by the mashing process. The wort is filtered, boiled and cooled before yeast is added to initiate the process of fermentation.



What is Mashing?

In brewing and distilling, mashing is the process of combining a mix of milled and cracked grain (typically malted barley with supplementary grains such as corn, rye or wheat), known as the “grain bill“, and water while being heated. (more…)

What is Malt?

Malt are germinated cereal grains that have been dried in a process known as “malting”. More precisely, malting is a general term used for a process of converting barley or other cereal grains into malt, for use in brewing, distilling, or in foods. These grains soaked and drained to initiate the germination of the plant and takes place sometimes called a malthouse, or a malting floor. (more…)