Men behind the brands (Bacardi)

Bacardi (Men behind the brands)

Bacardi is a famous rum founded in 1862 in Cuba by Don Facundo Bacardi. The company have been managed by seven generations. Bacardi employs 6,000 people and sells 20 million cases of rum every year. Bacardi rum has won more than 550 awards for quality and product profile, making it the world’s most awarded rum.bacardi-1862-logo-vectorFacundo Bacardi Massó, was a wine merchant, who was born in Spain and emigrated to Cuba to buy his first rum distillery in Santiago de Cuba in 1830. Back then, rum was cheaply made and not considered a refined drink, nevertheless, Bacardi created the first rum light in body.

Facundo began to improve keeping special attention in every step of the process. He isolated a proprietary strain of yeast which gives Bacardi rum its flavour profile and it has been used for about a hundred and fifty years. Additionally, he extracted high-quality molasses and distilled multiple times, then filtered them through charcoal in order to remove impurities. In addition to this, Facundo added another step never used before in rum making such as purposely ageing the rum in charred oak barrels, which gives flavour and smoothness.

Meanwhile, Doña Amalia (Facundo’s wife) noticed a colony of fruit bats living in the roof of the distillery building and suggested to her husband that the bat should become the symbol of Bacardi rum. Because bats pollinate the crop and consume the insects that damage the sugar cane. The selection of the bat also symbolises good fortune in Facundo’s native land, as well as among the local Cuban indigenous populations.

After all, using this logo was an advantage because many of Bacardi’s clients were illiterate, and the image of the bat helped them to remember the rum. They began to ask for “the rum of the bat”.

Consequently, during the Cuban revolution Bacardí family members initially supported the Cuban revolutionaries like Fidel Castro, but their support turned to opposition after a while and the Bacardi family and the company left Cuba after the Castro’s regime confiscated the company’s Cuban assets in October 1960, particularly nationalizing and banning all private property on the island as well as all bank accounts.

As a result, the company moved the ownership of its trademarks and proprietary formulas out of the country to the Bahamas and also built plants in Puerto Rico and Mexico. This helped the company survive after all.

Despite having no production facilities in Cuba today, in 1998 under the distinctive bat logo, the phrase “company founded in Santiago de Cuba in 1862” was added and offers a variety of rums of various ages. They include the White, Gold, Añejo, and so on.

Tasting notes for Carta Blanca, the most popular Bacardi rum (37.5% ABV): Pronounced alcohol, molasses and cane notes on the nose with some lemon undertones. Forceful on the palate, with flavours of citrus, sugar and clean.





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